Jul, 2018

25% Off Duct Cleaning

Offer Expires: July 31, 2018
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In July, CW Suter is giving customers 25% off professional duct cleaning - no matter what size their home is!
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Summertime is busy: baseball games, driver’s ed classes, picnics, swimming – and that’s all on top of your regular schedule! Spend less time cleaning and give your vacuum cleaner a break by nixxing all of your home’s dust at the source – your DUCTS!

After Suter cleaned my ducts, the number one thing I’ve noticed is that I can go for a month without dusting – and I used to see build up only a couple of days after I dusted! R.G., Sioux City

Not only is it nice to cut down on the time you spend cleaning, it’s also healthier!
Our customers say they notice the difference not only in how clean their home suddenly seems, but also in how they breathe! It’s a double-whammy: a cleaner home and better health!

No matter how large or small your home is, we’re giving you a whopping 25% discount on our Professional Duct Cleaning service.

Learn more about how clean ducts affect your home and family:

Clean Ducts & Your Health