Jan, 2019

25% OFF Professional Duct Cleaning

Offer Expires: January 31, 2019
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New Year’s Resolution: Breathe better, clean less.

Have you picked out a New Year’s Resolution, yet? We all have things we want to get better at and while we firmly believe that any day is a good day for a new resolution, most of us at least toss around the idea at New Year’s. The new year is often looked at as a fresh start. It’s a time for – you guessed it!- resolutions: some people begin new diets, some vow to give up soda, some take the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

When you put healthier air on your New Year’s Resolution list, you’re giving your family the gift of clean air – at a major discount! No matter how large or small your home is, we’re giving you a whopping 25% discount on our Professional Duct Cleaning service.

When you start the year off with professional duct cleaning, you’ll notice the difference not only in how clean your home suddenly seems (we promise: you’ll notice a difference in how much dusting you have to do!), but also in how you breathe. Make this New Year’s Resolution a double-whammy: a cleaner home and better health!

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