Feb, 2019

20% Off Smart Home Thermostats

Offer Expires: February 28, 2019
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SMART HOME Comfort on command…or on a schedule!

We’re giving you a whopping 20% discount on any Smart Home Thermostat – You’ll save money with this discount AND with the efficiency having a programmable thermostat affords you.

Smart Home, Smart Buy

I absolutely LOVE my iComfort thermostat. I never used to like to turn the furnace down too low while everyone is gone during the day, because I HATE coming home to a cold house. Now I can set my thermostat lower during the day, and it KNOWS when we’re on the way home because it’s hooked up to my phone. No more cold house after working all day! And I’ve already seen savings on my gas bill. Sally R; Sioux City, IA

CW Suter Services is committed to providing our customers leading edge technology, at a fair, friendly cost. We’re helping homeowners leverage the power of the Internet of Things for heating and cooling comfort – and big savings. When it comes to smart thermostats, we provide customers an entire suite of options: from the Lennox iComfort line to Honeywell’s RedLINK products, there’s a smart thermostat that’s right for every home and office!

Comfort on a schedule that suits you!

On these icy cold Iowa winter days, it’s just so comforting to walk into your house and be greeted by cozy warm air…and the smell of a hot dinner, maybe a nice warm hot cocoa waiting for you… Sorry, we got carried away! A Smart Home Thermostat can do a lot of things, but it can’t make dinner, or cocoa, or do the dishes (we’ll get to work on that!). Still, coming in from the cold to a warm house feels pretty good, right? And, while it doesn’t seem like it now, summer isn’t too far off: And nothing feels better on a hot summer day than coming home to a nice, air conditioned house – not even a dip in the pool can compare!

  • Q. What if I have an old home and HVAC system? Can I still get a smart thermostat without buying a new air conditioner (or furnace, or heat pump)?
  • A. YES! In fact, a wi-fi (smart) thermostat is a great way to begin modernizing your home, even when you’re not quite ready to purchase a new heating and cooling system. You’ll see benefits – even without upgrading your HVAC system.

Your transition to a Smart Home with CW Suter Services is only a call or click away! Limited Time Offer!

Lennox iComfort
Smart Family. Smart Budget. Smart Home Technology.

Honeywell RedLINK
Connected Thermostat. Constant Comfort.

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