Aug, 2018

20% discount on Fall HVAC Tune-Up

Offer Expires: August 30, 2018
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In August, CW Suter HVAC Company is offering a 20% discount on Fall Maintenance & Furnace Tune up
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Summer is nearing its end…

Back to school shopping has started, and community pools have announced its closing date for the season. You know you have a Fall Honey-do list, but it still seems like it’s a ways off. Do future you a favor and make next month easier on yourself: get your fall HVAC maintenance scheduled now, before the mad dash to beat winter sets in. Now is the perfect time to make sure everything, including your furnace, is tuned-up and in tip-top shape for the coming months of Siouxland cold.

Prepping For Fall Activites

The coming months are full of school and sports activities – if you don’t have a kid in school, you probably care about catching a few college games, at least! (Hawkeyes, anyone?) With so many things on the schedule, who has time to deal with a busted heater? That’s where preventative maintenance comes in. An annual fall tune-up can save you the headache of dealing with a broken or (less-than-) effective heating system; our maintenance screening and diagnosis can save you the expense of emergency repairs or inefficient energy use.