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Temperature Control

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Profitable buildings are an asset

We understand that commercial and industrial buildings need to perform as an asset, and we help your organization achieve this by providing comfortable, healthy air quality and energy efficiency to help your bottom line. Utilizing the strengths of Star Control, a wholly owned subsidiary of Suter Services, we help bring out the best in your building.

An industry leader in native BACnet building automation, and the area’s only independent Alerton dealer, our focus is on providing our commercial and industrial customers with reliable, secure, scalable systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

We offer a unique understanding of:

  • Employee/tenant comfort issues
  • Exhaust/ventilation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Stratification
  • Negative Pressure
  • Reduction of actual brake horsepower

Fully Integrated for a better bottom line

With an Alerton customized temperature control system you can count on lower operating costs, centralized control, reduced downtime and maximized energy efficiency for HVAC equipment. An Alerton temperature control system provides simplified auditing, trend logging, reporting and improved energy management. We can also integrate with existing temperature control systems, allowing you to take advantage of investments already made.

Star Control is a wholly owned subsidiary of CW Suter, specializing in temperature control
CW Suter is the only independent Alerton Building Automation Resources dealer in the area

CW Suter Services brings it all together:

  • Open Protocol Integration with Other Building Systems
  • Energy Conservation — Demand Lighting/Utility Management
  • Wide Area Network/IP Support
  • WEB Access
  • Lighting Control
  • Irrigation Control
  • Security/Access/CCTV Integration
  • Fire/Life integration – UUKL Smoke Control

Our customized solutions will answer any Building Automation Systems wish list, no matter how diverse or demanding. Alerton interoperability is the cornerstone of our facility automation approach. Markets served include: Healthcare, Commercial Office, Government, Hospitality, Industry, K-12 Schools, Colleges & Universities, Airports, Industrial and Specialized. We also offer systems integration with Fire/Life Safety, Security and other controls.


How can Alerton work for you?

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