Dale E. Blatchford, Jr.

Assistant Service Manager

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Dale E. Blatchford, Jr.

Assistant Service Manager

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    Dale E. Blatchford, Jr.: Fun Facts


    I live in Newcastle, Nebraska, where I grew up.

    What’s your family like?

    My wife, Gina, and I have four children.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    Hunting, fishing, shooting…and I love spending all of the time I can with my family.

    Do you have a personal moto, or favorite quote that inspires you? 

    Stop, look, listen – and if presented, take the bull by the horns and lets see where it goes!

    Do you have a personal hero? 

    My wife! Anyone who can put up with me for TWENTY ONE YEARS deserves a medal. 🙂

    Favorite Movie?


    Favorite Candy?

    Most things with chocolate.

    Favorite Band or Musician?

    Chris Ledoux and Don Williams

    If your best friend had to describe you in 3 words, what would those 3 words be?

    Loyal, dependable and …can you make “always give a hand” into one word? Ha!

    And how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

    Loyal, dependable, generous.

    If you could choose to have any superpower, what would it be?

    Supershrinkability, like Antman, but I imagine more of a “fly on the wall” power. You could see and hear everything.

    Are you involved in any community clubs or organizations?

    I recently spent 4 years on the the Hartington-Newcastle School Board. The first two of those years was with Newcastle until we consolidated our schools. I currently hold the position of Fire Captain of the Newcastle Fire Dept and the Secretary/Treasure of the Newcastle Rural Fire District Board.

    Professional Q&A

    How long have you been working here?

    Over sixteen years.

    Explain your role at CW Suter Services:

    I’m the Assistant Service Manager. I assist our Service Technicians with technical issues, handle customer needs or concerns, and manage all of the work orders and jobs we have to make sure that everything gets done on time and within budget.

    And what did you do before that?

    I was a Commercial Service Technician.

    What is the hardest part of your work day?

    Juggling things when multiple issues come at you all at once.

    What’s the most fun part of your work day?

    The last ten minutes! 🙂

    Do you have a proudest moment at CW Suter Services?

    Oh, there are just too many to mention. I try to approach every day so that at the end of it, I can be proud of the work I did.

    Group portrait of the HVAC Service Department at CW Suter Services

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